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One of the main reasons for low sales is sales teams who don't know what to say next. Home service professionals may be skilled at many things, but do they know how to lead a customer down the sales funnel? While there are plenty of books out there about sales, not all of them will apply to your industry and your unique business. How can you utilize sales tips and concepts in your day-to-day dealings and encounters with customers?

Introducing Berserkr, specializing in home services sales training and coaching in the Detroit, MI area.

With Berserkr, you get sales training services for the following focus areas:




HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning)

With customized sales training for plumbers, roofers, fencers, and AC and heating contractors, we help them reach their local target market and share their expertise with businesses and homeowners throughout their communities.

Free Consultation

With our boots-on-the-ground approach to sales training, we took our first business from $1 million a year to $13 million a year in under 3 years.

Today, we've helped hundreds of companies and contractors selling a wide variety of services in various niches. There are no start-up costs for our home service sales training and construction sales training, and you'll see results quickly.

Invest in the future of your company today. Find out more about hands-on approach to creating change and helping home service professionals find financial freedom. Contact us online or at (248) 572-7056 for a free consultation.

Find out how your company can
realize massive sales growth.

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Customizable Home Services Sales Coaching Near Detroit

Whether you're an independent contractor or a growing business in the construction industry, superior home services sales training from Berserkr can teach you how to build a formidable sales team that closes deals with our proven process.

We start with three important steps:

1.RECRUITING the right people

2.TRAINING for the right skills

1.RETAINING talent with ongoing support and guidance

Our team of highly trained sales professionals and consultants embed themselves in your company culture. After getting to know your business and your story, our team develops a custom training process to help you achieve your sales goals. This will include boot camps, daily debriefs with sales reps, and more. Next, we handle recruiting and hiring for your home service company, participate in physical sales calls, and advise your team on how to improve sales techniques with 24/7 support.

Reputable Training Brings in Success

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Ensure your team is set-up for success by allowing our recruitment team to take charge.
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We will teach you how to dominate sales calls and increase revenue with extensive hands-on training courses.
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Utilize what you've learned with on-going support and guidance from our staff.
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Whether You're A Sales Team of 1 or 100, Berserker Helps You Grow

You know your industry. We know how to dominate it.

Berserkr offers bootcamps to revitalize your business, improve your sales tactics, and create high performers with even higher margins.

In our home service sales training programs, we cover the following:

- Unique demos tailored to your business

- Lead generation, follow-through, and conversion

- Debunking common sales myths

- The difference between selling and closing

- Role-playing (closing techniques, handling objections, and more)

- Motivation and mindset training for the entire sales team

- Open mic Q & A

- Round-the-clock support

Get access to all the tools and strategies you need to boost confidence, increase lead value, and see success.

Berserkr Home Services Sales Training Areas of Expertise:

HVAC Contractors Sales Coaching

Plumber Contractors Sales Training

Roofer Contractors Sales Coaching

AC Contractors Sales Coaching

Heating Contractors Sales Training

For Contractor Sales Training in Detroit, MI, Nothing Beats Berserkr

Our contractor sales training in the Detroit, MI area allows you to grow with your team and embrace opportunity.

Ready for more revenue? Find out why Berserkr is the leading home service sales training provider for contractors in Detroit. Contact us now online or by phone at (248) 572-7056 and get a free consultation.