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HVAC Contractors Sales Coaching

HVAC Sales Training in Detroit, MI


Building a profitable HVAC business requires you to stand out from the crowd and communicate your value quickly, confidently, and clearly. If you're struggling to find and connect with potential customers, sales training may be the answer you're looking for. Still, even if you do study up on sales tips and strategies, it may be hard to figure out exactly how to apply them to your specific job or industry.

Introducing Berserkr’s customized sales training for HVAC specialists.

We teach skilled HVAC contractors how to sell their home services to clients in their local area. Backed by years of hands-on experience, we know how to increase revenue that comfort advisors and HVAC technicians produce. With insider tactics from an HVAC sales coach, you’ll swiftly build confidence and learn the communication skills every professional needs to know.

Find out why Berserkr is the leading home service sales training provider for contractors in Detroit. Contact us online or by phone at Find out why Berserkr is the leading home service sales training provider for contractors in Detroit. Contact us online or by phone at (248) 572-7056 for a FREE consultation.

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Build Confidence at Every Step of the Sales Process

Berserkr's systematic approach to sales has three steps:

1.RECRUITING the right people

2.TRAINING for the right skills

3.RETAINING talent with ongoing support and guidance

Our proven process helps you advertise your services, generate leads, close deals, demonstrate your value to new clients, improve existing relationships, and most importantly, sell HVAC services!

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Reputable Training Brings in Success

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Ensure your team is set-up for success by allowing our recruitment team to take charge.
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We will teach you how to dominate sales calls and increase revenue with extensive hands-on training courses.
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Utilize what you've learned with on-going support and guidance from our staff.
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Benefits To Our Proven Sales Training

Every program is tailored to fit the needs of the specific businesses and individuals we partner with. What’s included in our home service sales training programs and sales training boot camps?

- Unique sales pitches, scripts, and demos tailored to YOUR business

- Sales call coaching: What to say and when to say it

- Lead generation, follow-through, and conversion

- Debunking common sales myths

- Selling vs. closing: What’s the difference?

- Role-playing practice scenarios (handling objections, closing, and more)

- Motivation and mindset training for sales reps

- Q&A sessions

- 24/7 support

After participating, you'll walk away with a clearly-defined sales strategy that allows you to meet your customers' needs and help them protect their investments. Whether you're an established HVAC company or a lone independent HVAC contractor, we deliver the sales team tools you need to succeed.

Customized HVAC Sales Training Programs

Whether you're there for a maintenance visit or emergency AC repair, we can help you identify opportunities to upsell at each house you visit. Consider the possibilities of energy-efficient smart thermostats, surge protection, backup generators, whole-home humidifier systems, and other useful HVAC system upgrades. There are so many ways homeowners can benefit from your unique service offerings and expertise! Our coaches have the years of in-the-field knowledge that you need to succeed.

Our boots-on-the-ground approach to sales training allowed us to take our first business from $1 million a year to $13 million a year in under 3 years.

In just a few short weeks, Berserkr's dedicated coaches can help you boost brand awareness, make more money per sale, and achieve your business goals. If you’re interested, contact us now for more information about HVAC sales coaching in Detroit.

Bring in More Sales with Customized HVAC Sales Training from Berserkr

Want to schedule more appointments and learn how to upsell? Our proven system sets you up for success and helps you grow more and more confident in your sales skills.

Berserkr helps roofers, plumbers, fencers, and AC and heating contractors in Detroit, Oxford, Warren, and all across the state of Michigan reach local audiences with customized sales training. Join the many satisfied companies and individuals who've seen their profits grow with Berserkr.

If you’re ready to invest in the future of your business and connect with clients in your local community, we’re here to help. To learn more about our HVAC sales training and other home services sales training programs, reach out now.

Contact us online or at (248) 572-7056 to get your FREE consultation and connect with an HVAC sales coach in Detroit.