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Sales System

Time to Deploy the Contractor Sales Training Tactics


Adapt and overcome—certain values translate across home service industries and objectives. Your sales team needs an edge, and at Berserkr, we know how to hone edges. We bring a distinct sense of accountability and focus to each and every office we visit, giving your team the tools they need to create opportunities where none existed before.

Door to Door Contractor Sales Training

Sales Process & Sales Scripts

When you sign up with Berserkr you’re not just getting a consulting company, you’re getting a leadership team dedicated to bringing you success. When we enter your establishment, we sit down with you, discuss hardships and concerns, and how Berserkr plans to move you forward. 

We have our own custom scripted process, closing steps and sequences that we know works. We custom fit our Berserkr sales system to your home service business and include a custom script for each sales representative to utilize on their sales calls. Our team puts an emphasis on teaching your sales team how to apply the script and process to every client they get in front of. 

Our systematic approach to closing more deals includes:

  • Step by Step Process: These are sure fire ways to get the sales today
  • Fully Custom Scripted Presentation: This ensures that customers are not taking advantage of you
  • Unique Demo tailored to your business
  • Custom Closing Sequence to get the deal today

Find out how your company can
realize massive sales growth.

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Sales Training for Contractors Berserkr

Custom Coaching & Consultation


When you’re down in the trenches, you rely on your fire team leader to get you out of a bad position; think of Berserkr as your fire team leader. Our mission is to help your sales team implement and execute the sales techniques taught by our trainers. We won’t just leave you without cover; instead we offer one-on-one consistent coaching to ensure they’re staying on track.

While conducting daily business, it’s only natural for mistakes to arise. With our custom coaching and consultation, we teach your team how to pivot during a setback, explain what could’ve been done differently, and review the implemented sales techniques. Business is constantly changing and we want your custom sales technique to reflect that.

The coaching is always on-going. It’s not just for the sales reps, but also for the business owners. A lot of companies have been doing the same thing for years and it's all they know. Whether you think it can be different or not, there still needs to be a shift in thought process to achieve more. Even though we’re boots on the ground you still end up dealing with the reps on a day to day basis as well. Having that constant contact with the business owner and consistently coaching the reps, brings it all together, that's what really makes us a part of the team.

Sales Training for Home Services

  • Decking/ Siding
  • Home Remodeling/ Improvement
  • Roofing
  • Solar



Reputable Training Brings in Success

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Ensure your team is set-up for success by allowing our recruitment team to take charge.
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We will teach you how to dominate sales calls and increase revenue with extensive hands-on training courses.
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Utilize what you've learned with on-going support and guidance from our staff.